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Foxearth in the Great War. by Corrine Cox: 15th November 2017

Even though about six regular members were missing, the Society had a record attendance of 32 for Corinne Cox's talk about Foxearth and the Great War on Tuesday 14th November. The talk described the effect of the First World War on the lives of the people of Foxearth, villagers, farm workers and Brewery workers. We were first taken back in time to the peaceful days before the Great War, when the Brewery was prominent in Foxearth with many social activities such as football, cricket, and quoits being played against other villages. In January 1914 a new reading room, The Men's Club opened; it's now a private residence. Later that year all changed as shooting began in Europe and 78 Foxearth men joined the forces to fight in 23 different regiments. Twenty were killed and these are remembered on the War Memorial in the churchyard. Many were injured and lived on with the mental issues from the war. We should not forget these sacrifices.

In particular Corinne mentioned the Leggott family, two of whom received the DSM and the DCM ; a Military Medal was awarded to a member of the Chinnery family. Corinne outlined the effects of the war on people living in the village, the way in which tribunals were held to consider exemptions from military service and the plight of non-combatants and conscientious objectors. She listed and discussed the war-wounded who were awarded the silver war badge upon discharge so as not to be the target of white feathers whilst not in uniform. Corinne related the sad tale of the hardships endured by the Sidney Deal family and gave an account of the experiences of the only female service person from the village, Nurse Eileen Carter. The Zeppelin raid during which incendiaries were dropped over Foxearth also got a mention.

This was a fascinating and detailed talk - well illustrated with photographs, anecdotes and artefacts and demonstrating Corinne's deep level of research into an important piece of local history. Already an estabished author with her earlier book "Foxearth Treasures"- a social history of the village - Corinne is preparing to publish "Foxearth Pals" upon which her talk tonight was based. Her research has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and all proceeds go to the Parish Church restoration fund. A most interesting and suc.cessful evening for the Society. Many present complimented Corinne on the excellence of her presentation and she has been booked for a return visit next May to give an illustrated talk on the archaeological excavations in Foxearth of 2013/14 and 2017.