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Meeting of Foxearth History Society

Local History Society 13th April

The District Local History Society had a date – well quite a few actually – on 13th April when Chairman Alan Fitch organised a quiz evening. A disappointingly small attendance of just 8 members formed themselves into three teams to tackle a set of 60 questions – each one being a year. Ranging from 1066 (an easy one for starters) to 1971 (decimal coinage introduced) the scores reflected the fallability of memory. Oh how easy it is to confuse Waterloo with Trafalgar when under pressure! All of us got 5th November 1605 but no one remembered December 1960 as being the first episode of Coronation Street; although a couple of other coronations were more easily recalled! With a total of 120 points on offer it is sufficient to report that a mere 20 points separated the first team from the third: to reveal any more statistics would be embarrassing – but well done, Alan, and thanks for the bottles of wine, beer and water awarded in that order!

Clive Waite reported that, from funds granted to the Society by the Foxearth School and Church Foundation, research – as a joint venture with FLAG - had been undertaken at the Essex Records Office into the origin of the Foxearth village sign. Fortunately when the manufacturer sold up a great amount of archive material was lodged with the Office and much valuable information and drawings have been found. The matter will be raised at the Annual Village Meeting on 5th May with a view perhaps to a get together in the summer with some of those involved in the original presentation.

Next meeting: Tuesday 11th May at 8pm in Foxearth Village Hall when Rev. Capt. Brian Sampson will give a talk entitled “A load of old cobblers” or Shoe-making in Essex.

Ken Nice