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2917 Christmas dinner at the George at Cavendish

The 2017 activities of the Foxearth and District History Society came to a festive conclusion on 12th December with the annual Christmas dinner at the George at Cavendish. Twenty-eight members enjoyed a varied menu in a convivial and happy atmosphere. A notable absentee was John Geddes recovering from two episodes of major surgery. He is reported to be disenchanted with hospital food but appreciating the  nurses. We raised our glasses to his speedy recovery.

Lynda ran through the programme for 2018 which includes suggestions and ideas from members. Sufficient hands were raised to support a proposed visit to Ely on 14th August for which names and deposits (£5) are requested by the time of the film archives evening on 13th February.

President Ashley Cooper appeared in Shakespearean garb and rendered a soliloquy, composed during the meal, about the achievements and personalities of the Society; well done Ashley! He also suggested that an open invitation be issued to anyone to bring along old photographs of Foxearth and surrounding villages to the annual general meeting on 13th March.

Clare explained that our web site is attracting in the order of 6,000 new visits per month - an incredible amount of interest and a credit to Andrew's expert management Thanks were expressed to the Parish Council for their financial support.

Powers of recall were tested in a quiz about national events in 2017 and a small general knowledge section. The winner was Chris Donelly with an impressive 70% correct but two runners-up came within a point of him.

So we look forward to next year's list of events with a reminder that our meetings are open and that new people bring in new ideas. If you want more details before coming along  Clare ( 01787 311337) and Lynda (01787 281434) are the people to contact.


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